Blade-Free Cataract Surgery


LenSx® Laser precision : The smart choice

The LenSx® Laser brings laser precision to some of the most challenging parts of your procedure, so your surgeon can focus more on you and the rest of your surgery.
Join the hundreds of thousands of other people who have benefited from the LenSx® Laser, and feel condent that you are choosing a technology designed to provide you the vision you desire and deserve.

What is Cataract – Motiya

The normal human lens focus the images on the retina (parda).
These images are send to the brain to allow a person to see clearly.
When this lens gets clouded-it does not allow the light to reach the retina and the person s diagnosed to have cataract.

Past and present of cataract surgery :

ECCE: Until 2-3 decades ago cataract surgery involved making 8-10mm cut on the eye to remote cataract manually, then insert rigid lens and close the eye with stitches. This means that weeks of rest and care post operatively. There was a higher chance of post infections, astigmatism, need to remove stitches etc.
Phacoemulsification: Since the last 2 decades, the standard of care for cataract surgery is Phacoemulsification procedure s using ultrasound energy through an incision between 2-3 mm. The results are excel with a very short postoperative course.

What’s new in cataract surgery :

Femtosecond Laser – Robotic cataract surgery.
Each eye has the same anatomy but yet is uniquely different in its Refractive error
(spectacle number), it’s anterior chamber depth, corneal curvature, axial length.
Hence it seems logical that a ideal treatment modality will be one that will customize the surgery as per the above features. (Just as all of wear different size of clothes in spite of having the same body anatomy)


While planning for cataract surgery some of the above parameters were considered even before but the new generation ” customization” goes even beyond. The lensx adds a computer control to the key steps of surgery. It uses a laser source to deliver femto laser pulses aiming at specific targets in the eye.

It has a unique software that analyzes high resolution optical coherence tomography images of the eye. This is then used by the surgeon to customize the treatment for that particular eye. The laser the performs the customized procedure on the surgeons command.

Using a patient interface (PI) the patient s eye is connected to a surgical unit so that the lensex computer is connected to a surgical unit so that the lensx computer and surgeon both have a accurate real time images while Percy the laser.

Why Lensx :

  • Truly blade less cataract surgery.
  • Uses image guided Femto Laser to perform the several of the most critical steps of cataract surgery.
  • Accurately places laser guided incisions which have accuracy of microns.
  • It can correct some some amount of astigmatism which is not possible with conventional phaco surgery.
  • It makes a round circular opening(rhesus) in the capsule of the lens which is far more accurate, reproducible and consistent than the manual rhexis.
  • Removes the human element from some of the very critical steps of surgery.
  • It offers great advantages and safety in difficult cataracts like polar cataract, hard and mature cataracts
  • As technology evolves, surgeons aim to to perform a near perfect, precise, consistent, reproducible, flawless, surgery.
  • While we may still have not reached that stage yet, femto laser assisted cataract surgery helps us reach closer to that goal.

Know The Merits:

  • More precise surgical steps with laser.

  • Predictable and faster
  • Cataract extraction – better visual outcomes

  • More accurate ( laser over blade ).
  • Faster healing – less infection risk.