Laser Services


Laser Eye Surgery

The center is equipped with the most advanced lasers for the management of all the types of eye diseases.

Lasik/Femto Lasik/Contoura Lasik/Relex Smile

For correction of all types of spectacle numbers- myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism
a) SMILE: Flapeless, bladeless, flapless,3rd generation laser machine from Carl Zeiss Germany- Visumax
b) FEMTO LASIK ( Bladeless Lasik)- Visumax from carl Zeiss Germany and Lensx from Alcon USA
c) Contoura lasik from Allergretto wave light Germany

Femto Cataract ( Blade-Free Cataract Surgery)

New technology which replaces the human element in the critical steps of cataract surgery. Truly blade free cataract surgery- Robotic cataract surgery.

Yag laser for posterior capsular opacification:

Posterior capsular opacification develops few months to years after cataract surgery. The treatment involves a small laser procedure called YAG laser where by a small is made in the posterior capsule and the haziness is removed instantaneously. It requires few seconds for the procedure.

Yag laser for Iridotomy for Glauacoma:

This is indicated for Angle Closure glaucoma where by a tiny hole is made in the iris to allow the aqueous fluid to pass from the posterior to the anterior chamber thereby relieving the glaucoma. The procedure takes few seconds.