Operation Theatre


Infiniti Eye Hospital has three advanced modern operation theatres for all kinds of simple and complex eye surgeries and lasers.

The laminar airflow, in modular OT, has a constant flow of positive air pressure, contains intact 0.3micron HEPA filters having dust spot efficiency of 99.99%, ensures the dust and bacteria free clean air on and around the operation table.

The Return Air Risers with 10 micron filter placed every corner of internal OT, plays role of filtered suction air from OT to AHU and further 15% atmospheric mixed air gets in pumped to Supply Air duct, further with 2 process filtration, cooled air is again supplied to Laminar and with final filtration of 0.3 micron HEPA filters present in laminar air flow, the most filtered air is dropped down to Operating table.

The installed Wall Panels in OT are GI Steel puff panels, further made jointless &  seamlessand finished with antifungal antimicrobial water based coat to a dry film thickness  300 micron. The puff panels stands for better thermal, sound insulation  and stands special protection against bacteria, fungal, microbes and spores.

Operation theater
Operation theater

The specially designed, framed SS304 grade stainless steel puff OT Doors are hermetically sealed, which act as a total air lock, thermal and sound insulated, once closed during surgery, it keeps the internal pressure intact. And are easy and smooth for movement.

The OT floorings are Gerflor Vinyl Flooring from Germany, which is Anti static, Anti fungal, Anti bacterial and electrostatic conductive flooring, slip resistant, seamless made jointless and stands special protection against bacteria fungal, microbes and spores,

The ceiling and laminar air flow systems are made with Aluminium sheets and sections further insulated with natural nitrile rubber insulation material to withstand long in terms of condensation and corrosion. Further made jointless, seamless, with polyester epoxy putty and after primer, finished with antifungal antimicrobial water based coat to a dry film thickness of minimum 300 microns

The Operation theatre is equipped with the most advanced anesthesia work stations – The Dragger anesthesia machine with ventilator. The most complicated general anaesthesia cases, especially for the paediatric patients and geriatric patients with systemic problems, can be managed with ease due to a combination of high end equipments and experienced anesthetist.

The operation theatre is equipped with the Infiniti Phacoemulsification machine by Alcon USA- which can take care of the most complicated cataract cases

On the vitreo Retinal front there is the constellation Vitrectomy system which is the most advanced Vitrectomy machine in the world to help operate the most complex cases by the sutureless small guage surgery with the help of BIOM the most advanced viewing system

All the simple and complex surgeries happen on the most modern surgeical microscope the Lumera from Carl Zeiss Germany.

The backbone of the theatre is the robust and sturdy sterilization room which has international class equipments for sterilization of the pre operative instruments

The operation theatre is backed by excellent and comfortable recovery beds for patient to rest after the surgery.